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Wilderness Beach

Wilderness Beach is reason enough to visit Views. Here it really does seem as though time has stood still with kilometers of safe, secluded and uninterrupted beach waiting to be discovered at the bottom of the boardwalk.


Nature has been generous – the landscape to the east is rugged and dramatic with centuries of wind and tide action carving unique and fantastic shapes into the jagged cliffs and rock pools. The ever-changing reef offshore guards the coastline and provides contrasting conditions from raging white water to tranquil aqua tidal pools. At low tide, all manner of tidal creatures are to be found –  spectacularly coloured sea anemones, comical sand crabs, and for the lucky, maybe even a glimpse of the shy octopus.


Safe and secluded, this is the ideal beach to walk or run, the only likely companions being precious oyster catchers, gulls and occasionally, a local fisherman.


The coast is constantly patrolled by dolphins, often seen exuberantly surfing the break. In calving season Southern Right whales use this area as a nursery sometimes coming close inshore, allowing a privileged sighting.


This uninterrupted paradise stretches eastwards for 15 kilometers, all the way to Gericke’s point, providing the perfect environment away from crowds to sunbathe, stroll, keep fit, or simply just be.


To the west dunes and soft golden sands lead the way to Leentjies Klip. An easy 5km stroll away, this favourite local swimming beach is safe for bathing and snorkeling. Paragliders cannot resist the ideal conditions that exist so the sky is often filled with colourful canopies.


The beach culminates at the mouth of the Touw river where the KaaimansRiver railway bridge spans the lagoon high above the water.


Wilderness Beach truly is therapy for the soul.