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Emerson & Green – Zanzibar


History of the hotel

The Hurumzi House was built and lived in by a man named Tharia Thopan, often called the Bismarck of the Swahili Empire. Due to his close ties to the Sultan of the time, Thopan was permitted to build his house as the second highest in Stone Town; second only to the Sultan’s own ceremonial palace, The House of Wonders.

The building has survived yearly monsoons, numerous inhabitants and various governments. After the revolution in 1964, Zanzibar engaged in an experiment with socialism along with Tanganyika, what is now known as mainland Tanzania. Regretfully, this caused the grave neglect of Stone Town and its treasury of heritage buildings including the Hurumzi house.








In the 1980’s Tanzania opened its doors to foreign investors and in 1991 the present owners convinced the local authorities to lease them the site in order to restore it to its former glory in the manner of a hotel. The main restoration began in 1994 and continues today in the way of minor revisions and maintenance.


even splendid rooms are available for guests to enjoy along with the delicious dinners served in the well-known Tower Top restaurant. Future plans for Emerson’s & Green include two residential apartments on the first floor which will be perfect retreats for writers, artists or anyone looking to escape the west and enjoy, as a resident, the easy going Zanzibari life-style.



Selected Rooms

North : Beautiful latticework in African hard wood separates this room from its veranda that offers a splendid view of the Indian Ocean and Zanzibar Stone Town. The large bathtub and shower are incorporated into the veranda and enclosed by lattice screens and tropical plants framing the stars and the view for a very romantic bath.

Ballroom : Quite possibly the grandest hotel room in Zanzibar, the Ballroom was, as it’s name suggests, a room for grand occasions. Having two beds and room to spare, this room is excellent for families with small children or for those who just want to indulge in grandeur and a sultan-style bath.

Gallery : Located on the second floor and decorated in grand style, the Gallery is named for the many hand painted windowpanes in the large bathroom. The panes diffuse the strong equatorial sun with images of peacocks, clove trees, and other local flora and fauna.

Lavender : The Lavender room is decorated in various shades of lavender and violet. It features an elegant antique brass bed and it’s own large bath. Located off the second floor veranda, air conditioning and a unique atmosphere make for a pleasant reprieve from the tropical heat after an invigorating walk around Stone Town.