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&Beyond – Tanzania

With unbroken views over a gorgeous game-filled valley and the hills beyond, which play host to one of the greatest wildlife migrations on earth, &Beyond Klein’s Camp embodies the very soul of the Serengeti.

This private and remote camp offers guests the spirit of wild Africa – wooded hillsides, rolling grasslands and forested river banks all teeming with the rich wildlife of this natural sanctuary lie sprawled at your feet.

Set in a landscape that is gentle yet rugged, &Beyond Klein’s Camp reflects the heart of this untamed land with a vintage safari style.


  • Set in a wildlife concession in the legendary Serengeti
  • Breathtaking views over the Serengeti from the edge of the Kuka Hills



The Serengeti is home to literally millions of large herbivores, as well as the accompanying carnivores and prolific birdlife. &Beyond Klein’s Camp offers excellent year-round lion, leopard and cheetah viewing, with individually recognisable leopard regularly located. Huge resident herds of buffalo and breeding herds of elephant ensure exceptional game sightings. During the Great Migration, almost two million wildebeest, zebra, eland and Thomson’s gazelle follow the annual rains through the Serengeti to the adjacent Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya in search of prime grazing.

As the dense herds of herbivores move across the plains, they are shadowed by predators and scavengers. Lion, and hyena, as well as the more elusive cheetah and leopard, mingle with the migrating masses, while vulture and jackal await their scraps. The Serengeti is famous for its large lion population and a number of prides have their territories in the Klein’s concession. It is not only scavengers and predators that accompany the migration, with up to 500 000 zebra leading the way and arriving first at the crossings. The small and compact Thomson’s gazelle bring up the rear.



True African hospitality lies at the core of &Beyond’s lodges and camps throughout the continent. The people of Africa, with their warm and welcoming nature and the ability to draw guests into their hearts, inspire, educate and enchant our guests every day.

Our Staff

A shared passion for extraordinary guest experiences unites all &Beyonders across Africa. For the staff members at &Beyond Klein’s Camp, there is no better way to spend the day than in making our guests’ safari dreams come true. Our chefs, butlers, housekeepers, security and workshop staff are trained with the same dedication as our field staff, but their pleasure in sharing your special moments is something that cannot be taught. They are the magic ingredient at &Beyond Klein’s Camp and their commitment to creating moments that take our guests’ breath away is genuine.

Our Guides

&Beyond is renowned for having some of the most highly trained, professional, passionate and knowledgeable guides and trackers on the continent. They have a passion for people and wildlife, ensuring

Our People